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Baby Christian: Is There Such a Thing?

I have always been one that wanted to know more about God but did not always know how to find out ‘the truth’. Every religion has its own truths and beliefs, of course. That is what defining religions stand by. So, how do I know what I should believe, where I should stand, and most importantly; how to pray? If I do not do it right; will God even hear me, or will He not even care? I overthink everything, you all should know this about me by now.


I used to attend a church for several years. I thought I was comfortable there and I was learning. However, when I started dating my now-husband, it was obvious we were no longer accepted there. you see, we are a mixed-race couple and apparently, that is not received with open arms as much as I would love for it to be. I never imagined that we would be distanced because we loved someone who did not look the part. But, so is life, it happens. And I just had to move on and accept it. I left that church and my husband, and I are still together now, so obviously it was for the best.

One thing I have always wanted to ensure was that God could hear my prayers. I wanted to make sure I was ‘doing it right’ so to speak. I am sure I am not the only one worrying about this. Although, I may very well be since I tend to over-worry about, well…basically everything. When I started reading through the bible daily it all started coming together. When I found Matthew 6: 9-13 it was my Aha Moment! Right there in the bible, it answered the question I have been trying to figure out, literally for years.


This is called the Lord’s prayer and when you read it, depending on the version you have, it will all come together for you as it did for me. At least I hope it does. Basically, it breaks prayer out into four easy pieces. I am going to go over them here to help.

  1. Open your prayer by addressing God by His name. Whatever it is that you call God; use that. Use His name. Just like you are addressing any other person in your life; because God is in your life, for you.

  2. Say Thank You to Him. Thank Him for what he has already done or is doing now. Sometimes this is hard to do because there are times when we are not lifted very well, and it is hard to find the good that God is currently doing. But dig deep and find it and say thank you.

  3. Just talk to Him and express your prayer requests. What is it that you are praying for? If you are praying for a specific person, speak their name. If you are praying for a specific event or happening, speak it into existence and ask for prayer over it. This is where you get close to Him and just talk to Him. Nothing official, no fancy words or lingo. Just talk to God.

  4. Close your prayer in His name. thank Him again, thank Him for listening – for always having the time to listen and for not turning away.

One thing I needed to understand was that I prayed whether it was for knowledge, an outcome, a vision, or whatever was the issue. I did not only pray at meals or weddings or funerals. Prayer is an intimate time with God, my God. Because of that relationship I have with Him, it makes prayer even that much easier. I hope it makes it that much easier for you to pray to your God as well.

Thanks for Reading;



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