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Baby Christian

Being a ‘Baby Christian’ used to appear to be a negative critique of me. I used to think people were talking down about, and to, me. But not anymore. Now I look at it as I am learning every single day, yeah, like a baby. Big deal. I have been trying to dive into my reading more and more, but I do not want to just read it. I want to truly understand it. I guess that is where my love of learning kicks in.


This week I am reading 1 Corinthians, and I already have a thousand questions. This is nothing new, I have questions about everything. Just ask my husband LOL… However, this is where the fun part comes in, research. To begin with I found out that the 1 Corinthians was dictated by Paul the Apostle to Sosthenes who turned his word into text. I was a bit shocked by this as I had no idea dictation was a ‘thing’ in biblical days.

So, this morning I literally only read 1 Cor: 1 and it was basically just an introduction from Paul the Apostle to Corinth. There was a basic greeting to them followed, of course, by prayer. However, what I found interesting was the divisions that were clearly marked in the beginning of the letter. Paul admits he hears the rumors of the divisions, and he wants them to stop.


I think this book is going to be a good one for me to dive into. When there is division stated in the very first verse, I want to see how this division is corrected. Or rather if it is corrected. Not telling anyone what to do; but you are welcome to join in the reading with me. Share your thoughts and maybe we can figure this one out together.

Thanks for Reading;


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