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April is Distracted Driver Month? This is a Thing…

I have always associated April with Good Friday, Easter, my daughter’s birthdays, and Spring…never distracted driving. I had no idea it was a thing, until literally; today. This is what I get for reading the news updates online during my downtime at the office. I tend to get sucked into things like this…topics that I do not need to have put in front of me because, well; I relate to them entirely to much!


You see, I am not too good to admit to the fact that I am indeed a distracted driver. Especially if someone is in the car with me. I talk too much, I take a hand off the wheel, I refer to my phone for a meme or a picture to show them. I know, I know; all of it is unsafe. But, when you think you are invincible; like I do, you think everything is going to be okay. Or is it?

There are so many different distractions that drivers must deal with. And I am just going to say it; I think that drivers that have kids in the cars with them have their distractions triplicated. Because they must care for the kids and drive; simultaneously. Here are a few others:

· Cell Phones – texting, answering, finding music, and more…this is a huge distraction

· Overreaching – reaching for something in the passenger seat, on the dash, or even in the back

· Eating – this is huge especially since so many of us eat on the go because we run out of hours in our days


There are ways to implement an extra layer of security when driving. I hate to admit it, but every driver will at some point in time, become distracted. Whether it is simply looking out the window or just changing the radio station; it will happen. But it does not need to be so severe it could result in irreversible damage being done. Here are some points to consider:

· Adjust the temperature controls and volume before you pull out

· Pull over if you need to reach for something or if something fell on the floor that you need

· Level your emotions and anxiety before driving

These are just a few ideas to start implementing to ensure a bit more safety for you and others on the road while you are behind the wheel. I really hope and pray that all my friends, family, and readers I have not yet met drive a bit safer going forward.




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