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Ankong Medal Display Hanger Rack

I am in my 2nd year of participating in the Conqueror Challenges. These are virtual challenges where you work toward a milestone, for a medal. In the year 2021, I won 4 medals by completing the tasks. The four challenges I completed were: English Channel 21 miles, Amalfi Coast 35 miles, Road to Hana 64.4 miles, and Angkor Wat 20 miles. For 2022 I am already enrolled in four more that I am participating in.

However, right now, I need to portray the medals I have achieved. That is where the Ankong Medal Display Hanger Rack comes in. My husband bought these after looking for the perfect display. We bought a set of 6 six of them.

Review to follow:

  • They are wooden, with 3M tape on the back to secure to the wall and a magnet to secure both halves together once the medal is looped on

  • Thank God there is a video to teach how to loop the medal on the holder because it is impossible to figure out on your own!

  • They are all the same size to fit geometrically well together.

Now, once I watched the video, looped the medal and ATTEMPTED to secure it to the other half with the magnet; it would not stick. Now, I am not certain if it is the fact that the medal is metal and it is heavy or if the magnet is not heavy enough to hold it. Either way, I had a quick fix. I actually used Gorilla Glue to hold it together. I figure the only way I am removing it is when I move, so it will be there for years to come!

All in all, this is a great purchase. The price is right that is for sure because if I bought the Ankong Medal Display Hanger Rack through another vendor they were at least $15-$20 more expensive.

Thanks for Checking it Out:


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