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9 Things I Just Cannot Handle

You might originally think that this is a very easy blog to write. And just list things that I don’t like. But it is a bit more difficult when you have to sit down and really think about what things you cannot handle. I have been through so much it does not really seem like there is anything that I can’t handle at this point. However, I will try to do my best and fulfill the nine things that I just cannot handle.


9. I cannot handle an openly stingy person.

8. I cannot handle a restaurant that serves poor food.

7. I cannot handle watching someone fight addiction, but then revert back to it.

6. I cannot handle someone who lies to get their way.

5. I cannot handle someone who lies to purposely hurt someone else.

4. I cannot handle a work situation that is explained out of the expectations.

3. I cannot handle an adult treating another adult as a child.

2. I cannot handle someone who keeps to themselves something that needs to be brought to another’s attention.


And lastly, this is the biggest thing that I cannot handle. I cannot handle someone cheating on someone else in a relationship. An adult relationship is a partnership between two adults. And those two adults need to be in agreement that they are not in that relationship to hurt one another. It is my opinion that cheating is the one aspect of a relationship that cannot heal. At least in any relationship, I would be in, it would not heal. It is in my opinion that if someone cheats on another person in a relationship, it is over.


I guess that's why I and my husband work so well together. We both went into the relationship very fast and with fury; but still with the understanding that if one of us cheats, it is over. We are in it for the long haul not only for ourselves but to prove to others that it can be done. My husband’s family as well as mine have failed relationships on both sides. Because of this, we want to prove to my son that a relationship can withstand turmoil. But that turmoil just cannot include cheating. It is in my opinion that once someone cheats they can no longer be trusted. And once you no longer have trust, what is really the point of staying together.

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