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4 Steps to a Healthy Pregnancy

Congratulations! If you or someone you know has recently found out they are expecting a little bundle of joy that is usually the first word that they hear, right?! It is then immediately followed by things that the mother needs to change in order to have a healthy pregnancy. Advice and ideas are spewing out from everyone they know and in some cases even from those that do not know them.

A healthy pregnancy contains many factors and in some cases even if every facet is followed there still may be complications. This is due to no fault of anyone involved and in many cases is just fate. Below are four steps an expectant mother can follow in order to persuade her body to develop a healthy pregnancy.


Prenatal Care

Going to a doctor as soon as a pregnancy is confirmed should be one of the first actions taken. This will allow the expectant mother to ask questions, resolve issues, and talk through concerns. An initial visit will also allow time for a background and health screening as well as the issuance of any prenatal vitamins that the doctor or staff see beneficial to the mother and the baby.

An initial visit with a prenatal doctor or midwife will also allow the mother to be screened for any potential health risks. Hereditary issues can be discussed and oftentimes resolved during this time.

Eliminate Nicotine

Smoking cigarettes severely increases the risks of medical issues for the mother and especially the baby. Just to mention a few issues; low birth weight, miscarriage, and even premature deliveries with lifelong medical issues. The amount of stillborn births is monumentally higher when a mother is a smoker as well.

The best course of action is to stop immediately. Once the mother is confirmed pregnant the cigarettes should be in the trash can. Not to mention second-hand smoke; that should be eliminated as well. If anyone ever questions it; the answer is simple, it is for the baby.


Visit the Dentist

This step is not discussed nearly as often as it should be with pregnancy. A pregnant woman should continue to brush and floss as regularly. However, a detailed dental visit is highly recommended because the hormonal disturbances that occur during pregnancy can cause swollen and bleeding gums, also known as gingivitis.

Gingivitis can be caused by the changes in the bacterial build-up in the mouth of the mother while the hormones are changing; due to the pregnancy. A routine checkup and cleaning are highly recommended for a pregnant woman.

Say NO to Drugs & Alcohol

One may think this would be a simple act to follow; however, it can be very difficult for someone who has a struggle with drugs and/or alcohol. Once a mother is confirmed pregnant it is important to understand that everything the mother consumes, so does the baby. Every drug taken or drink swallowed is passed on through the umbilical cord.

By understanding this, it may make it clearer to someone with an addictive personality just how crucial it is that compliance is adhered to. By not following this omission of drugs and alcohol the baby may be miscarried, stillborn, or born with deficits.


By following these basic 4 Steps to a Healthy Pregnancy a mother is more inclined to give birth to a very healthy and happy baby. While these are obviously not the only actions to monitor, it is important to have an open and honest dialogue with the pediatrician who will be tending to the mother and baby. This ensures every person involved is on the same page with the care and expectations of each person involved.

Enjoy the New Little One!


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