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3 Ways to Obliterate the Holiday Stress

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

The holiday season impacts people in all different ways. Some are joyous and cheerful, some are stressed and overwhelmed, and then there are those that are mid-lined and mindful. Where do you land when the holiday season approaches?

Furthermore, what does it mean to be mindful and content with your surroundings and happenings? Below are a few suggestions as to how to tackle the holiday season and keep a clear head all at the same time.



The epitome of acceptance is embracing the fact that it is the equivalent of being suitable. Also, that being suitable is just fine. Everything does not, nor will it be, perfect. Especially during the holiday season when everything seems to be running faster.

Often, being good enough is simply, good enough. Being imperfect is healthy and very normal in society. It can sometimes be a large pill to swallow, but in the same instance be very necessary.


Does It Matter

When you begin feeling overwhelmed, you will ask yourself this; Does It Matter? If you need to run to the grocery store for a last-minute item and are stuck in a line it is not the end of the world. If you mistakenly forget to purchase a gift for someone and need to make a last-minute run to a department store for it, you will be in tra1c, it is going to be ok.

Turning a negative into a positive is a great way to make a stressful moment, not so bad. Speak to strangers! Wait, wait…I know what you are thinking. However, it can help; both you and the stranger. Nodding your head, smiling, and even striking up a conversation in a checkout line can help someone else who may be dealing with the same stressors you are.



We have the Babylonians to thank for holiday resolutions. They would make promises to their gods hoping for yearly favor. However, they are proven over and over to be soul-crushing once they are broken. Some say to make small resolutions that will not overwhelm you if broken. Others say do not make them at all but rather just try to be a nice person.

Above all else, remember to not only be nice to others but to first be nice to yourself. Realize and accept that you are not perfect, nor do you need to portray perfection. Once you realize and embrace that, you may notice the attitudes and reactions of others around you improving as well.

Thanks for Reading!


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