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3 Things to do When Your Spirit is Crushed

When My Spirit Is Crushed Sometimes I Just Don't Know What To Do. I Am Sure I Am Not The Only One That Feels Like This. I May Be One Of The Few That Admit It. There Are So Many Things That A Person Can Do When They Feel As Though Their Spirit Has Been Broken Or Crushed. First Of All, There Is A Distinct Difference Between The Two Words "Broken" And "Crushed". One Is Obviously Significantly More Severe Than The Other. However, That Certainly Does Not Mean That Either Situation Needs To Be Taken Lightly.

Psalm 34:18 NIV

18 The Lord Is Close To The Brokenhearted

And Saves Those Who Are Crushed In Spirit.

When I Really Began Investing My Effort Into God's Word That Was When I Really Started Realizing That I Am A Normal Human Being. I Am Entitled To My Feelings And I Am Also Entitled To The Time That It Takes To Heal Them. When I Think Of This Verse I Automatically Go Into Salvation Mode. I Want To Continue To Scour My Brain For What I Do In Order To Heal The Hopelessness Or Brokenness That I Will Inevitably Feel At One Point In Time. These Symptoms Are So Close To Anxiety And Depression That They Might As Well Be Twins. Anyone Who Knows Me Personally Knows That I Suffer From Anxiety. Depression Portion I Have Never Admitted.

It Is Very Important To Stay Present In The Current Situation When Your Spirit Is Crushed. I Know This May Sound Ludicrous But It Is Very Important. Staying Present Means That You Are Coherent And Aware Of What Is Going On Right Now, Around You. This Is One Of The Most Difficult Aspects For Me. Because I Very Much Want To Put The Cover Over My Head And Hide. Allow Me To Heal, I Just Cannot Continue To Do This. I Need To "Stop, Breathe, And Think" Through Any Overwhelming Situations.

Letting The Huge Issues Go To The Wayside And Focusing On The Smaller Issues Helps Ease Anxiety. Often Times When Someone Has Anxiety And They Are In The Middle Of Mending A Crushed Spirit Focusing On Large Issues May Be Entirely Too Overwhelming. Trust Me, If Those Big Issues Demand Your Attention They Will Be There When You Have A More Clear Mind.

Lastly, Using My Lifelines And Outsourcing To Other People Is A Huge Benefit. This Could Be Something As Simple As Sending A Text Message To A Friend. Just Taking The Time To Reach Out To Friends For An Ear Is Super Helpful. Quite Often They Can Not Only Offer Advice But Maybe Offer A Solution To The Issue Itself.

Above All Else, The Important Thing To Keep In Mind Is That Biblically Speaking Broken Heartedness And Altered Spirits Are Talked About In The Bible. God Knew About The Struggles That We Were Going To Have, Even Before We Had Them. He Knew That He Would Need To Be Close To Us. Treat God As Our Closest Friend And Bend His Ear From Time To Time. That Is Precisely What He Is There For. He Is There To Console Us And Help Us At Every Corner.

Until Next Time.



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