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3 Reasons Why You Did Not Get Hired

With the way the job market is right now it seems as if almost everyone is either looking because they have no employment or looking to better their current employment. Regardless of your reason be prepared to not get hired at your first interview. There are several reasons why you may be looked over, and quite frankly, you may never know why you were passed over.

Unfortunately, most interviewers do not follow up with those they are not going to offer a position. Personally, I think that makes no sense, since contacting the ones not being hired would help them in their next interview. But not everyone is looking to help another. Which is equally unfortunate.

Below are three common reasons why someone thinking they are perfect for a position does not get hired.

Your Resume

We are in one of the most competitive job markets in ages and because of that you need to ensure your resume makes you shine, compared to thousands of others. It may seem petty; however, everything matters on your resume. Font, skills, experience, and length; it all matters and is critiqued to the highest.

Your Motivation

Spelling out your motivation in a cover letter may save you. Far too often, employers get thousands of resumes for one position and there are so many who are overqualified or inexperienced; they get tossed to the wayside quickly. Make certain a detailed cover letter explains why you want to work for that company, spell out your intentions and leave no room for guessing.

Your Knowledge

Researching the company, you are applying to and interviewing with is critical. By demonstrating your own personal knowledge of the 5 W’s [who, what, when, where, and why] of the company it will set you apart from other candidates. Imagine the potential employer’s dismay when they ask a common knowledge question about the company, and you have no intelligent response.

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