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3 Basic Vegan Ingredients

Veganism does not have to be some irrational way of eating that is confusing or repulsive to others who do not eat vegan. For many, veganism is a life choice. Whether it is for religious, medical, or to stand for the rights of animals; every vegan has their own personal reason for taking on the vegan regimen.

There are however several ingredients that are a staple in the menu of a vegan that may otherwise be foreign to those who do eat meat or animal byproducts. Below are three basic vegan ingredients that may not be so basic to non-vegans.



Hemp is vital for vegans because it houses every amino acid that is essential to a healthy vegan menu. Hemp includes large amounts of fiber, fats, and multiple minerals, which are also essential to a healthy vegan body. Hemp seeds can be added to smoothies or even used as a garnish in meals. There is even hemp milk that is thick and creamy while at the same time full of flavor!


Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast is often shortened and called ‘nooch’. Nooch is one of those ingredients that incorporates a salty yet creamy texture into any recipe. It is often used in recipes calling for cheese. Where a vegan cannot consume dairy cheese, they can consume nooch because while there is no dairy at all, it is packed full of B12. Often, nutritional yeast is sold in shaker containers as it is a flake that can easily be shaken over foods to expand the flavor profiles.



If a vegan substitutes jackfruit for pulled chicken or pulled pork in a recipe and feeds it to a non-vegan, they would be shocked with the similarity of both taste and texture. Jackfruit is a fruit that once it is cut, cleaned, slow-baked, and shredded will mimic its close relative of shredded meat. This can be a perfect addition to a party or get-together to introduce vegan food to non-vegans.


Thinking about these three ingredients; how apt are you to make the transition to veganism? Many people start with a ‘meatless Monday’ or just one meal at a time. One of the strongest suggestions is to ease yourself into veganism if you are not already. This is to ensure that no one gets overwhelmed and just falls back to old habits.

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