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I produce strategic marketing content for all walks of business. I help content marketers, product marketers, and executives tell stories, achieve a positive online presence, and build brands that communicate with their users. 

Writing Services Offered


Content Writer

I will assist in writing, editing, posting, and promoting the content of my client through their blogging platform. I will generate and pitch ideas, compose and edit posts, market posts to readers, and conduct research.


Ghost Blogger

I will assist in providing blogging content for a company’s social media presence. I will provide different content for different platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. I will contribute to the marketing strategy put in place by leveraging social media to identify and acquire customers for my customer.


By delivering a review it will consist of an honest assessment of a service rendered or product received. Minimum word count will be met for web satisfaction, it will be honest over all else. A review is never guaranteed to be positive just because it is paid for; at least not from me.

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Social Media

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